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Do you feel like your metabolism has ground to a halt?

Your waist-line is thickening and your muffin top is getting more…well…muffin-y?

Your mood has turned you into a (gulp!) swinger, and not the-keys-in-a-bowl-variety either!

It’s not cool, in fact it just plain SUCKS!

You reminisce about your former happier, slimmer self, and realised she was actually a card-carrying goddess (if only you had appreciated her at the time)

And perhaps lovely,


You’ve recently visited your GP for your low mood, mood swings &/or PMS-monster-taming tips and come away with a prescription for antidepressants or even the birth control pill? Or maybe you’re even heading there now? I know I’ve been there my love…


I want you to know I’ve got your back on this. And you can get that goddess back, looking and feeling just like you now only dream of.


What if I told you…


You could wake up each day, throw on your favourite pair of skinny jeans (the ones that fit pretty damn well before you put on that spare tyre) and be in a really good mood too?


How would it feel if you could…


Throw caution to the winds and go on that girl’s weekend/romantic getaway/ski trip at a moment’s notice, without having to worry about how you didn’t have a solid two months warning so that you could starve yourself first?


I’m here to tell you that…


It is absolutely possible that you can ditch those pesky extra kilos/pounds and feel awesome while you are doing it. That is you won’t feel deprived or crazed with hunger, and your mood will start to improve and lift quickly…in approximately the same time-frame that it takes for pharmaceutical antidepressant medication to have its full effect.


Let’s get her back!


Hi, I’m Toni, aka Whole Food Nutritionista®


I’m 48 years young, and dedicated to feeling better, and sparklier, every year.


As a qualified, accredited nutritionist, I’ve learned all the scienc-y, evidence-based stuff so you don’t have too.


I’ve been formerly diagnosed with depression (from a psychiatrist) 3 times, and been medicated twice. I now successfully manage my brain chemistry and mental health with food and nutrients.


I’ve also spent at least half of my life being over the healthy weight range, sometimes creeping into the realms of obesity. And like depression, it is a condition that requires ongoing care & management.


Excitingly, when I considered how I had healed myself from depression and weight issues, I found there were many common denominators I had used!


Why is this exciting!?!


It’s exciting because it has lead me to create a single protocol to manage & heal the two conditions simultaneously!



My true passion is helping women just like you…


…to look and feel like the very best version of yourself again, just as you did before everything went pear (or apple!) shaped.


I’m also a huge advocate for solving your problems without the need to head to the pharmacist with a prescription in your hot little hands. Because let me tell you, the drugs will never cure your depression. They will simply mask the symptoms whilst causing you to gain more weight and lose your mojo. ( If this last part doesn’t sound like you, I totally respect that, and yes, I can still work with you medicated )


Through personal experience, many years of study and numerous clinic hours, I’ve developed specialised, time specific programs that will simultaneously help you:


  • Lose weight

  • Balance your hormones

  • Upgrade your mood and mental health

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Look and feel better than you have in years!




 I want to look and feel great…stat!

Let's Do This!

If you’ve read this far my love, I reckon you might just be curious to get to know me better!


Ok, here’s some stuff about me…


I’m a 48 year old mama to two gorgeous teenagers, Daisy (18) and Sebastien (14) whom I love fiercely. They are my biggest teachers, no word of a lie. I’m also incredibly blessed to be married to my soul mate who I met 22 years ago. I know sickening right? My childhood, well just let’s just say ’twas far from rosy ( I won’t bore you with the deets here) and overeating was my way of coping and keeping myself safe.


When I’m not working you’ll find me:


♥ At the beach getting my dose of magical nature and sunshine

♥ With my nose in a really good book…fiction or non fiction. I am a fully fledged Amazon addict!!! I’m usually reading 4 or 5 books at once

♥ Travelling if possible!

♥ In the kitchen of course (:


Toni xxx

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