Hey Gorgeous! (yes I’m talking to you)



Are you ready to lose weight and get happy…at the same time ?


Ready for the “wrong” side of 40 to look & feel like the RIGHT side?


Your clothes are getting tighter, you’re too scared to weigh yourself & your mood is ALLLLL over the place.


And exercise?


Who the flip has the energy or motivation for that??? (plus you really don’t want anyone to see you in leggings)


Not sure where to start? Just plain confused about all that conflicting nutritional info out there?


Well take a deep breath, I feel you.


Not only do I feel you, I am you! (though I just happen to be a nutritionist)

Without a surgeon or a 5 a.m. bootcamp in sight, I can teach you how to to nourish your way to looking & feeling comfortable in your own skin again.

This is for you if:


→   You think you need to live at the gym or have a facelift to look good after 40


→   You want to eat well, but don’t want it to be boring or time-consuming


→   You don’t wear the clothes you actually want to (hello skinny jeans & bikini!)


→   You don’t exercise because you don’t have the energy, lack the motivation &/or it just feels too uncomfortable


→   You’d like to balance your hormones (and moods) naturally


→   Your confidence has taken a nose dive and you feel invisible


→  You really need to push yourself to leave the house & socialise


→  You’d love to have a good nights sleep again (yawn…)


Skeptical? Just plain curious as to how this works? Read on to get down to the nitty-gritty of how we can make this happen, you inquisitive thing…

What to expect when we work together:


Learn where your particular diet & lifestyle aren’t supporting hormonal balance (or why you’re putting on weight and feeling like poop on a stick)


Receive your own personal prescription as to what you should be eating, taking into account your own unique needs & preferences (hint: this is NOT a one size fits all approach, this is specifically for you)


Learn which natural supplements would best support your metabolism to get you feeling & looking better as quickly as possible


Learn how to form new habits that actually stick


Personalised meal plans and fun easy food prep to get you all fired up about eating your way to weight loss & better mood, without feeling deprived or hungry (I promise!)


Lifestyle tips and tricks to fast track your healing journey


Warmth, support, and the reassurance of years of clinical and personal experience


For the daily price of a sandwich & a cappuccino you can…


Nourish 2 Fierce!


For the tiny price of just over AUD $16 per day, you can work with me one-on-one for 8 weeks. Together we can kickstart your journey to weight loss and improved mood, reclaiming your right to enjoy a vibrant life filled with well-being & energy.


How would you like to lose weight and kiss those mood swings goodbye? Can you seriously think of a better way to spend a little over $16 (AUD) per day!?!


You’ll receive personal, individualised care in the form of 5 consultations and unlimited email support (valued over $500), customised meal & lifestlye plans (valued at $300) and the highest quality, practitioner-only supplemental nutritional support (valued at RRP $500)


Using diet and clinically trialled, natural ingredients you can expect to see significant changes to your mood and stress levels within 8 weeks, with most patients experiencing significant improvements in 4-6 weeks. This is typically the same amount of time it takes for pharmaceutical antidepressant medication to take effect! I propose that you could better use these sacred 6 weeks to help your body manage & heal your depression/low mood, as opposed to putting a band aid over it, in the hopes that it will go away.


Together we will pinpoint what your body is trying to tell you with your twin symptoms of weight gain & low mood, and together we’ll find out exactly what your body needs to heal. In short, you’ll be nourishing & nurturing your body from the inside out.


And yes, you’ll lose weight and feel soooo much better (emotionally and physically), plus this 8 week program will have you falling back in love with your life and your skinny jeans! As well as losing weight, you’ll be less overwhelmed in stressful situations, and far more capable of coping with what life throws at you on the daily. In short you’ll NOURISH 2 FIERCE!


So gorgeous, would you like me to support you through this journey, walking with you every step of the way, as you make the bold and brave journey to reclaiming your right to look and feel FIERCE, oh yes, and you’re right to wearing a swimsuit in broad daylight too…


Say yes, and I’m 100% here for you. It will be my absolute privilege to work with you & witness your transformation. I can’t wait to meet you!

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“Investing in your health = investing in your future”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's your qualification?
I am an accredited (ATMS) qualified nutritionist. I studied Nutritional Medicine at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT) in Sydney. This requires that you complete over 250 practical clinic hours.
What does a nutritionist do?
As a nutritionist you bring about healing to a range of clients by offering tailored nutritional advice, utilising food, diet, vitamins, mineral and amino acids to prevent disease and achieve optimal wellbeing. This is achieved by having a strong foundation in health sciences (i.e.anatomy, physiology, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, disease pathophysiology) dietary modification, nutritional medicine and counselling skills.
Do you endorse any particular way of eating?
As your nutritional requirements are as individual as your beauty and your unique gifts, I don’t endorse any one particular diet however I always advise eating whole foods to nourish your temple. “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Michael Pollan
Why take nutritional supplements?
In an ideal world, with an ideal diet we most likely wouldn’t need to supplement with vitamins & minerals. Due to the condition of the soil, the age of our fruit & veggies by the time they hit our table & the highly stressful lives we live, most of us are walking around malnourished, or at the very least, deficient. For instance when we are stressed our bodies churn through vitamin C, leaving us depleted and vulnerable. Good quality vitamins & minerals have the ability to nourish our bodies towards optimal health, whereas pharmaceutical drugs (whilst sometimes definitely necessary) will not cure what ails you, rather they generally manage and mask the condition.
I'd like to work with you but I'm just not sure if it's right for me...

Hey that’s 100% understandable! If you’d like to have a obligation-free chat to see if we’re a good fit, book a free 30 minute discovery session with me asap

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A few things you may like to consider before deciding to work with me…


What I know:


  • The use of anti-depressant medication has gone up 300 percent in the last 20 years, yet  the rate of depression (and weight gain!) is on the increase.


  • I know natural medicine is getting a bad rap in the media of late, but that’s because the pharmaceutical industry wants you to believe it doesn’t work. What if I told you that most pharmaceutical drugs on the market these days are synthetic products, based on the natural medicines we originally and historically treated ourselves with, when our systems were out of balance or deficient? There are so many amazing studies being done that are supporting the use of natural medicine over the use of psychotropic drugs. Contact me if you would like to be sent links to these studies.


  • If you’re currently on anti-depressant medication and are not presently willing to cease your medication, I absolutely respect that. I also respect the sacred contract between you and your doctor. I fully appreciate that in some cases the use of psychotropic drugs can be life-saving. If you are wanting to cease your medication, I strongly advise you to speak with your doctor first. Most antidepressant medications are highly addictive, and can cause you to experience some pretty horrendous symptoms (and I speak from personal experience here!) if you stop taking them suddenly, there is even a name for this: withdrawal or discontinuation syndrome. Having said that there are some wonderful, and far more gentle ways to use natural medicine to taper off, and even replace most antidepressants.


  • From personal and clinical experience, I have found that most people don’t really feel better when they are taking antidepressants. At the very best it may numb their feelings, and at the very worst they may become suicidal. I find that many patients put on weight, lose their libido and their zest for life. There is no evidence to prove that antidepressants cure depression.  The use of antidepressants for depressive symptoms can be likened to placing a band-aid over a splinter in the hopes that it will heal. When we nourish our bodies, rectify our deficiencies & address the root cause of our symptoms, then we can usually heal & manage depression. There is a paradigm shift away from looking at depression as a condition, instead it can be considered a symptom. A symptom and a wake-up call…it is your body’s way of sending you a message that something desperately needs to change.


Don't Be Shy

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